Latest Update: November 13, 2013



A heavy duty vinyl release on Hookah Records of four tracks recorded live in San Francisco in January 1969 and left, for the most part, preserved in their original state. It features the six piece band led by David Laflamme on violin & vocals. Pattie Santos helped out with the vocals & played tambourine whilst Linda Laflamme played Hammond organ, Hal Wagenet was the guitarist, Mitchell Holman the bass player and Val Fuentes the drummer.

Side 1 Girl With No Eyes (08:57) White Bird (06:07)

Side 2 Bombay Calling (06:19) Don & Dewy (11:58) 

The album was released to support the 2013 UK tour by It's A Beautiful Day and is now available to the public via a few specialist outlets.

The sleeve is from the mind and hand of the wonderful English artist John Hurford.

Attempts are made to keep costs as low as possible but like everywhere, the postage costs are biting hard.

Copyright of the content of the album is vested in David Laflamme who kindly granted approval for releasing the material. 



Please rush me one copy to my UK address. The cost is a reasonable 14 including postage and packing.

United States & Canada

Please rush me one copy to my US address. The cost is a super nifty $25 including postage and packing.


I live in the Eurozone, please rush me one copy. The cost is 19 including postage and packing.


I live in far away lands but would like to buy a copy of this album. The cost is $30 including postage and packing.