The Art and The Jabberwock Folk


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The Jabberwock (July 8, 1967)

Photograph from the Campbell Coe Collection

Jabberwock, Berkeley, CA

Copyright for a number of these "Jabberwock" images is vested in Tom Weller

Thanks are due Tom who kindly gave permission for them to be reproduced here.

Rick Shubb gave permission for the inclusion of his Smokey Grass Boys handbill from December 1966.










July 7, 1967



The Jabberwock Folk



The Paul Kagan Photographs


These publicity photographs of Country Joe and the Fish were taken by photographer Paul Kagan in about October 1966.  The lin-up at this time was Country Joe McDonald, Barry Melton, Bruce Barthol, David Cohen and John Francis Gunning.  Kagan was also responsible for the photographs on the Country Joe and the Fish calendars (October 1966 to February 1967), the photography on a number of the Family Dog posters for the Avalon Ballroom and authored the book New World Utopias.   Paul Kagan died in New York in 1993.  The photographs are from the collection of Ross Hannan.


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