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Provo Park  - A Performance History

Date Provo Park, Berkeley
Sunday 15 January 1967 Loading Zone, Ulysses S Crockett, Drongos
Sunday 29 January 1967 New Delhi River Band, Loading Zone
Sunday 19 March 1967 Loading Zone, Motor, New Delhi River Band, Ulysses S Crockett and the Afro Blues Persuasion, Mad River, Frumious Bandersnatch, Blue Cheer, Soul Purpose, Haymarket Riot  [The Reversal of Earth Human Be-In]
Sunday 09 April 1967 Loading Zone and others - an unscheduled happening on Telegrapgh Avenue that facilitated agreement with the Berkeley Council to use provo Park as a venue on Sunday afternoons
Sunday 23 April 1967 Loading Zone, Motor, New Delhi River Band, Notes From The Underground (as a result of the friendly but unscheduled “happening” on 9 April, the city agreed with Loading Zone manager Ron Hanley (quoted in the 21 April Oakland Tribune) that the band just wanted a place to play.  
Sunday 07 May 1967 Loading Zone, SF Mime Troupe
Sunday 28 May 1967 Loading Zone, Steve Miller Blues Band, Mad River, Purple Earthquake
Tuesday 30 May 1967 New Delhi River Band, Motor, Purple Earthquake
Sunday 25 June 1967 Loading Zone, Steve Miller, Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Motor
Sunday 09 July 1967 Country Joe and The Fish, Notes From The Underground, Second Coming, Haymarket Riot
Sunday 23 July 1967 Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Mad River, Others
Sunday 30 July 1967 Loading Zone, Lee Schipper, New Delhi River Band, AAA
Sunday 27 August 1967 SF Mime Troupe perform "L'Ament Militaire"
Sunday 03 September 1967 Motor, Hastings Street Opera, Crystal Sea
Sunday 10 September 1967 Mad River, Notes From The Underground, Savage Resurrection, Hades Blues Works
Sunday 17 September 1967 Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, New Delhi River Band, Strawberry Window
Sunday 24 September 1967 Initial Shock
Sunday 01 October 1967 Martha's Laundry
Sunday 08 October 1967 Second Coming, Zuckerman Clavichord, Liquid Blues Band
Monday 16 October 1967 Draft Card Burning
Sunday 14 April 1968 Country Joe and The Fish, Mad River, Loading Zone, SF Mime Troupe (performing Ruzzante - or The Verteran)
Friday 26 April 1968 SF Mime Troupe, bands (Free Huey and Stop The Draft)
Sunday 12 May 1968 Phoenix, Martha’s Laundry, Creative Arts Guild Improvisational Ensemble
Sunday 19 May 1968 Mad River, The Circus, Crystal Syphon
Saturday 08 June 1968 The Styx River Ferry, Ye Golden Toad (the Golden Toad comprised Ernie Fischbach Deborah Cleall, Robert D Thomas, Will Spires, with dancer John Patterson.  They used instruments such as the oboe, bagpipes and flute), The Quarter Dozen String Band, The Diesel Ducks, Julian Winston, Dr. Humbhead's New Tranquility String Band and Medicine Show, Jose's Appliances, The Finger of Scorn, Stayton Family [35th Annual Berkeley Fiddler's Convention - Fiddle, Band and Banjo contests judged by Jon Lundberg, John Campbell and Campbell Coe]
Wednesday 10 July 1968 Big Brother and The Holding Company, Phoenix, Lazarus (Benefit for Balloon - who provide free food in Provo Park)
Sunday 21 July 1968 Sky Blue, Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Crome Syrcus
Sunday 28 July 1968 Silver Apples
Saturday 10 August 1968 Allman Joy, Immaculate Contraption, Mad River (GI Teach In)
Sunday 11 August 1968 Charlie Musselwhite, Shiva's Headband, Fumious Bandersnatch
Saturday 31 August 1968 Free University Fair
Wednesday 11 September 1968 Independent Socialist Club demonstartion in support of Huey P Newton
Sunday 06 October 1968 Youngbloods, Sons of Champlin, Santana, Frumious Bandersnatch
Monday 04 November 1968 Notes from the Underground, Mad River, Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Sky Blue, Country, WeatherSummerfallwinterspring
Sunday 23 March 1969 MC5
Sunday 06 April 1969 Sons of Champlin, Lamb, Frumious Bandersnatch, Ace of Cups, Allspice Rhythm Band,
Sunday 13 April 1969 Crabs, Lazarus, Munro's Forest
Sunday 20 April 1969 Joy of Cooking, Clover, Flying Circus, Metropolitan Sound Company
Sunday 04 May 1969 Loading Zone, Allspice Rhythm Band, This Ole World, Gentle Dance
Saturday 24 May 1969 Ecology Fair where a smog producing 1958 Porsche was auctioned off
Saturday 07 June 1969 Environmental Fair
Saturday 21 June 1969 17th Annual Old Time Fiddler's Convention
Friday 22 August 1969 SF Mime Troupe: Gutter Puppets and Gorilla Band, Congress of The Whitewashers
Sunday 07 September 1969 Lazarus, Syriatuscan, Hades Bluesworks, Eddie's Blues Group, Backwater Rising [Baha'I Faith Gathering]
Sunday 21 September 1969 Maximum Speed Limit, Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band, The Crabs [Judy Jackson organised showpiece for The Maximim Speed Limit]
Sunday 28 September 1969 The Tunnel, Sunny Street Blues Band, Purple Earthquake, Brother Brown's Band, Syndicate [Celebration of the Solstice]
Sunday 12 October 1969 Lazarus, Purple Earhquake, Septentrionalis, Floating Bridge
Sunday 23 November 1969 KiddAfrika, Lazarus, Scrapple
Saturday 11 April 1970 Festival of Toads
Saturday 18 April 1970 Kentucky Suckers, Rhythm Aces, Artichoke Jones, Emily
Tuesday 19 May 1970 Youngbloods
Sunday 05 July 1970 Osceola
Sunday 08 August 1971 Mike Finnegan, Pendergrass, Dry Creek, Your Own Backyard
Thursday 19 August 1971 Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Michael McClure, Diane di Prima, The Cockettes, Magic Theater, Saul Landau (filmmaker)
Saturday 28 August 1971 SF Mime Troupe "The Dragon Lady's Revenge"
Sunday 29 August 1971 Mourning Paper, SF Mime Troupe "The Dragon Lady's Revenge"
Sunday 02 April 1972 Country Joe McDonald, Joy of Cooking, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen [Joe accompanied by the Out of Hand Band]
Sunday 30 April 1972 Nimbus, Gold, Joker, Contraband, Marshall
Sunday 30 July 1972 Country Joe McDonald and Band, Banana and the Bunch, Asleep at the Wheel

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